MINNEAPOLIS – Before you read this, open up a new browser window and do a Google Image search for “Maya Moore Trophy” then come back and we’ll continue.

Welcome back. Now that you have seen the pages upon pages of photos of Maya Moore holding up countless trophies from her storied basketball career, realize that she’s still adding to her impressive collection.

It’s a collection so vast that she was repeatedly asked whether or not she had enough room to store all of the awards she has won while becoming a living legend in the game.

“Thank you for your concern for my storage space,” she deadpanned to a room of reporters after winning her third consecutive WNBA All-Star Most Valuable Player honor on Saturday afternoon.

“It’s crazy. It really is. To just be fortunate enough to be in positions to continue to win, to be playing well, to be healthy, to be here, and obviously to do it here in front of our home fans, friends, family is so special and makes it even more special. But I will get back to you with the storage space answer.”

Moore scored 18 points, grabbed eight rebounds and dished out six assists to help Team Parker earn a 119-112 win over Team Delle Donne in the first year of the WNBA’s new All-Star format.

New format, same result. Maya’s team wins. Maya wins MVP.

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