Minnesota Lynx star Maya Moore has been an icon in the WNBA since she was drafted in 2011. A three-time league champion, Moore has been to five All-Star games and has become an ambassador for UNICEF, an organization that helps kids all around the world have better lives. I interviewed her about her involvement with UNICEF and the 2017 WNBA season.

You’re involved with several organizations, one of them UNICEF. How did you get involved with this organization?
I was introduced to their Kid Power program, and it really excited me to see these Kid Power bands that keep track of kids’ movement and activity level. Every time a person gets enough points because their movement level, they unlock food packets for malnourished kids all around the world. A few of my passions are exercise and [being in the] kitchen, so I thought it was the perfect match for me to bring my passion to that awesome program.

How long ago did you get involved?
I’ve been involved for a few years now, and it’s been really cool to see kids and their families getting involved and impacting other families around the world.

How are you using your notoriety to promote UNICEF?
Getting the opportunity to promote something, whether it’s through my social media channels or telling people about it in the Twin Cities area. Sometimes I show up at different events they’re having. Once I went to an event and helped energize the kids to get involved with the Kid Power program.

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