This was not a decision born of balky knees or a barking back.

For Maya Moore, it went much deeper.

Lynx teammate Seimone Augustus talked about dueling with Father Time when it came to not going overseas to play. In that particular one-on-one battle, Moore, 27, still has the upper hand.

Still, like Augustus and Lindsay Whalen, Moore spent the winter at home, opting not to travel to China. For the first time since leaving college she had an offseason.

But it had less to do with healing her body than it did easing her mind.

“The driving force behind me staying home was non-physical,” said Moore, who begins her seventh WNBA season on Sunday night. “I needed to press reset. I needed to recharge. This is a fast-paced world we live in, especially the sports and entertainment industry. There is a constant demand for performance, for something new, something excellent. That doesn’t just happen. You have to have enough inside to pour out.”

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