By Doug Feinberg | AP March 9, 2020 at 2:08 p.m. PDT

Maya Moore has always been known for hitting the big shot on the grandest stage. She just got the biggest assist of her career.

A judge on Monday overturned the 1997 burglary and assault convictions of a Missouri man, Jonathon Irons, whose case has been championed by the WNBA star to the point she stepped away from her career to help the family friend.

Cole County Judge Dan Green found the defense for Irons provided enough evidence to prove he was wrongfully convicted, a decision first reported by the Jefferson City News-Tribune. He has been serving a 50-year prison sentence stemming the non-fatal shooting of a homeowner in the St. Louis area when Irons was 16.

Moore called Irons after Monday’s court hearing. When he answered the phone, Moore and a group of supporters cheered to let him know the judge had ruled in his favor. Irons thanked his supporters and even broke into song at one point.

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