I went to church while growing up, but we still had our struggles as usual. I knew about God but didn’t necessarily know Him intimately. I knew more about what was right and wrong. My mother and I moved to Charlotte, N.C., for a year when I was 11, then to Atlanta, Ga. For the first time, we were on our own together and had to figure out our own way. We ended up using this time to seek God, find a church and decide that God was important to us. But it was a lonely time as well. When my mom got laid off from the job for which we had moved, then had to work nights for a while, that produced the perfect storm for us to have to depend on the guidance and stability that God provided. It was in those years that I started to trust the Lord and experience a relationship with Him as my heavenly Father.

We joined a great church in Atlanta during my middle school years that inspired my commitment to my faith. I could see the Holy Spirit moving in the church and it made me desire God even more. In those next years, I continued to develop in my relationship with God and in my understanding of His word.

When I arrived at UConn, I was already a solid believer, seriously walking with the Lord.  But it was during college that I got to expand that relationship to include other people. I began to learn how to talk with others about my story and my faith, while also experiencing community with other Christians on campus.

Growth during college years

While at Connecticut, I met a former basketball player who was doing ministry there. A small group of us started meeting with her to study the Bible. I started embracing God’s promptings to continue to grow in sharing my faith. Before college, I’d never really looked for opportunities to talk to others about God in my personal life.  It was uncomfortable and unfamiliar to me.  But she worked with me and I began talking to my friends and teammates. By my senior year, I was leading a small group for my team. It was a great time of development and adventure for me.

The summer after my freshman year, I attended AIA’s Ultimate Training Camp. That was a life-changing experience! It was a great time to interact with other believers, and it was an eye-opening time for me. Sometimes if you don’t have that community of believers around you, you can begin to think, “It’s just you and me, God.” Seeing other athletes trying to follow the Lord was very encouraging to me, and having those resources there challenged us all to grow more. The next two summers, I went back to the camp as an intern, trying to soak up as much of that environment as I could.

Enjoying the journey with God

It’s been a great journey living and seeing the Lord’s perfect timing unfold, and I’m still growing. In the big picture, God is going to do what He wants to in my life, and He’s lined my course and given me so many ridiculous opportunities. Looking back on the last 10 years, we couldn’t have timed it better than He did. All those amazing teams I played for, keeping me healthy… I know it’s His provision blessing my life and my family. I’ve also tried to work as hard as I can, taking the gifts He’s given me and living fully in it all. I’ve tried to be an example of someone with a great work ethic that enjoys the journey at the same time.

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4 Replies to “Enjoying the journey with God”

  1. Maya Great Job,

    Thanks for all you do. Thanks for being who Good wants leading his program. Thanks for being the greatest Women basketball player on planet Earth. Thanks for always having a positive attitude. What God has for you it is for you. If you do not get recognize from within, God will have you recognize from without.

    God bless You;

    Command Sergent (r) Lorenzo Keith

  2. So proud of you Maya as a fellow Christian..We have watched and appreciated your talents for many years. Not many people have been blessed with the talent ,work ethic and results that you have accomplished. But more importantly, your Christian concern for others displayed in many little ways( dancing with children after games, being respectful of your team mates, recognizing God, etc) has been your defining characteristic..You are a true servant of the Lord …Thank You and please continue to bless us all with your talents..

  3. I just read this great article from my cousin Maya Moore on this her and the attached website. She is still electrifying and a fierce competitor on the court and has a heart for Jesus. Great to know that even when you become a superstar on the court, boardroom, beauty parlor or in the kitchen in your restaurant, my family stays focused on Jesus because that is how we can really help people. One of the ways Maya helps people especially young girls and gives back to others and the community is through the Maya Moore Academy. We should always look for ways to celebrate our family members and pray for them. I want to celebrate my cousin Maya for sticking in there and staying the course through the wind, rain, and waves that life threw at you and your mom as you were growing up and Enjoying the journey with God. Continue to stay strong cousin and hold on, acknowledge, submit, trust and stay focused on Jesus and as Proverbs 3 verses 5 & 6 say, He (God) will make your pathway straight. Love always Cuz.

  4. CONGRATULATION!! I just saw your photo on sports Illustrated, and decided to search more about you. I am touched by your testimony and as fellow believer in Christ it is good to hear you sharing your faith with the platform God has given you.
    Continue the good work and May God continue to shine his face upon you and your career.
    God bless

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