This is what the Lord used to capture my heart and when I began to understand in a real way that He was My Father. God was calling me and I responded with every sermon I heard. I was hungry for His word and was experiencing growth at church each week. My purpose, to glorify Christ, became so clear and I tried to live in a way that identified me with His kingdom. I didn’t get it right all the time, but I knew God’s Spirit was living in me.

Because I am a public figure, I depend daily on God to fill me with humility. I believe the best way I can be a role model is by living an authentically, God-dependent lifestyle. Acknowledging God and his character is a priority and privilege each day He gives me. I want to be aware of how I treat others, not thinking too highly of myself to be a servant in a culture which tries to place me on a throne that only God should sit.

Through frequent prayer, diligent Bible study, and regularly engaging with other Christ followers, my mind and heart remain convinced of His truth in a world that screams otherwise.

Do you have questions about the Bible? I certainly did and found there are answers that give me a great confidence in the reliability of His Word.

My prayer is for you to explore answers to your questions and let the Lord’s overwhelming love and truth revive your heart.

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